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Ant Control in BlackpoolLooking for ant control in Blackpool for the out of control marching army of ants in your house? Once the invasion begins, normal life takes a turn. An innocent child sitting on the floor eating a lolly suddenly becomes a major threat. Pastries and sugary drinks are no longer allowed in the house at all. Every carbohydrate must be sealed in plastic containers. All dinner parties are cancelled until the scourge is past. Patrols are sent out each day on search and destroy missions to eradicate the perimeter of anthills. Every corner of the kitchen has its ant trap. You watch them file across the worktop toward the tempting scent of the trap, knowing they’re marching toward certain death; and you smile.

As long as the traps are there the ants will keep coming. The traps are only effective in Blackpool ant control if you can expect to eventually see the last ant walk into that little hole. Don’t hang by the neck waiting for that to happen. The ant population is endless. Wipeout Pest Control UK can handle your ant problem in a professional effective manner. We’re trained to recognise the different types of ants, the preferred habitats of each, how to locate those habitats and annihilate them.  We use environmentally safe pesticides, seal off points of entry and treat the building perimeter with solutions to prevent population increase. If you’re getting ants inside your house it’s because they’re looking for food and once they find it the other ants follow the trail. Scheduled treatments by our professional exterminators will help maintain an insect free home.

There is old fashioned ignorance toward hiring professionals for ant control in Blackpool and other pest problems. Some people think if the neighbours see our truck in your driveway it means your home is unclean. Think that through; if our truck is at your house, then your house is cleaner than that of anyone thinking dirt draws insects. Pests can find dirt outside but they have to come inside to find food. For best success, clean worktops and floors frequently with an anti-bacterial cleaner or vinegar and water. That gets rid of the invisible ant trail. Vacuum carpets well and rely on us for regularly scheduled maintenance treatments. Contact us for a fee quote and list of our services. Whatever your pest problem, we’re equipped and trained to wipe them out.

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