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Wildlife Management

At Wipeout UK we pride ourselves on our Wildlife Management procedures. Whilst carrying out Pest Control in the environment to exceedingly high standard.  To ensure we keep abreast of legislation we are qualified and members of the following organisations CRRU (campaign for responsible rodenticide use), Wildlife aware and RAMPS (Register of accredited metallic Phosphide standards). Our wildlife management covers the following pests: Moles, Foxes, Rabbits, Squirrels, Mink, Wild Cats, and Corvids.

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Mole Control

Moles cause a huge amount of damage to gardens, lawns, farms and playing fields. Moles are difficult to control and marauding males looking for mates cover a vast territory, creating havoc on the way.

At Wipeout UK Pest control we have been trapping and gassing moles in many situations for years. Our knowledge and skills in trapping have yielded excellent results for many clients both in the domestic arena and the commercial sector. We work with many local authorities to rid playing fields and parkland of this troublesome pest.

Gassing can be a very effective method of mole control in certain circumstances and of course we are fully qualified and certified to use gas for the control of moles.

Call one of our mole control experts to discuss your problem, we will provide the right advice and service to suit your needs.

Rabbit Control

Rabbits are still a major agricultural pest and, if left unchecked, will soon become a plague. Damage to crops, loss of yield as well as the undermining of banks and roads costs the industry many thousands, so effective and regular rabbit control is essential.

There are many different ways to keep a control on the rabbit population and Wipeout UK use the most appropriate method to cure the problems. From ferretting to gassing and shooting all methods are carried out safely and efficiently to get the results required.

We also work for Network Rail and other transport companies to prevent disruption to services due to rabbit damage to train lines, banks and roads.

There is no one solution, so why not call us now to get your free site survey and quotation for effective pest control on your land.

Fox Control

Foxes can cause significant damage to poultry and sheep farming industries. With numbers on the increase both in rural areas and urban areas, the fox population is reaching an all time high so control is necessary to reduce the population to an acceptable number.

Our specialist fox control experts are happy to discuss how we can work with you to protect your livestock and manage the population to an acceptable level in your area.

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Deer Management

Deer numbers are on the increase across all species, so to ensure there is a healthy population and one that does not cause significant damage, the deer population needs to be managed.

With no natural predators, the only way to control deer in the wild is to cull them humanly, via an experienced and suitably qualified deer stalker. The process of deer management is strictly controlled and all animals taken are recorded and checked before entering the food chain. Hunters are licensed and regulated.

Deer can cause significant damage to forestry and woodland, but the other problem is the amount of road traffic accidents are on the increase as the population increases, posing a threat to life or serious injury in the event of an RTA.

Our deer managers are available to discuss deer management of your estate with you. We work to formulate a management plan, assessing the number of deer in the area and working out a population density based on the food available and the limitation of damage.

We work in partnership with landowners, farm managers, forestry managers and gamekeepers to ensure the numbers are controlled and the animals harvested are used to the best advantage.

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