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Commercial Pest Control

Wipeout UK is committed to sustaining and supporting any business with the prevention & eradication of pest issues including service level agreements and advice.

Wipeout UK also provide IPM (integrated pest management) service contracts tailored and dovetailed to meet individual needs to Industrial, Commercial & Agricultural Sectors. Wipeout UK offers both preventative contracts and on demand services to best suit your business requirements.

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Pest Management Contracts

Many organisations and businesses find that having a pest management contract in place is the most effective way of ensuring pests are kept out of their businesses. The need to keep pests out varies from business to business, but the underlying thing is that it is not acceptable to put your staff, clients and business at risk from having any pest problems.

Rats and mice are the two most common pest issues we deal with in business and commercial contracts but it does vary greatly. For instance, a food processing and preparation operation will have multiple levels of pest control in place to monitor and control insects and rodents in a high hygiene controller area, but that would be different for say a warehouse.

Our approach is to discuss the requirement in detail and work out the most effective solution for your environment and budgets. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are put in place so you know exactly what is expected.

All pest control contracts include an initial survey, Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS), COSHH Assessments and full reporting after each and every visit. All your specific site Health and Safety requirements will be followed as will as ours in line with our best practice policies. The safety of all involved is vital.

Farm and Rural Pest Control

Farm pest control is very specialised and requires a high degree of experience and skills to work in these very demanding environments. At Wipeout UK PEst Control, we have vast experience in dealing with farms and landowners and really know what is important to them.

Rodent control on farms face many challenges, with a perfect habitat and abundant food sources. Gaining control and keeping control despite ongoing attacks takes huge effort and specialist techniques, so dealing with a professional farm and rural pest control company is essential to the ongoing control.

Working in partnership with the farmer and their staff, we will quickly gain control and implement a pest management plan that works. Honesty and trust is key as is open communication.

Call us now to arrange a meeting so we can discuss how we can work to solve your pest problems on your farm. We offer a full range of services from insect control in storage areas and barns, rodent control, rabbit control and other rural wildlife management programs to suit.

We are an active member of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use CRRU and take the preservation of our natural wildlife very seriously.

Environmental Health

In some environments, no pest can ever be tolerated. Food preparation businesses, restaurants and catering organisations having any form of pest problem will be catastrophic and may even condemn or close a business. Effective monitoring and pest management is vital to the ongoing operation and success of these establishments.

Wipeout UK Pest Control works with many restaurants, pubs and food preparation organisations to ensure they are always free from pest problems. Carefully planned pest management plans are implemented to ensure the premises and storage facilities are out of danger from these persistent and dangerous pests.

Each application is different so we work with the principles of the business to formulate an effective pest management plan which works and is acceptable to the local Environmental Health Officers. We work closely with EHO’s to ensure they are happy with the plans and reporting systems we propose for each business.

Why take the risk in working with unknown or unqualified pest controllers – always insist on working with the best – and that’s Wipeout UK.

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