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Ant Control in Clifton

Ant Control in Clifton

Ant Control in CliftonFor ant control in Clifton, you can count on Wipeout Pest Control UK. Ants are fascinating insects and while there are over 12,000 species worldwide, your ant problem is probably the common black ant you see marching toward the sugar bowl on your table. Ants are one of the strongest creatures in the world. They can lift objects fifty times their own size; what else can do that? They are also great team players. The phrase “many hands make light work” could have been coined for the ant. In an ant colony everybody has their job to do. Queen ants only lay eggs; the rest of the female ants are workers who tend to the queen, build the nest, take care of the babies and search out food. Male ants have only one function; to mate with the queen.

You probably just want to know how to rid your home of ants. In Clifton, ant control can only be accomplished if you understand the habits of the ant. Keep in mind, controlling them is the only goal to be achieved. They live on every continent in the world and are prolific breeders so eradication is just not going to happen.  We understand the ant. We know how they operate and what motivates them. Therefore, we know how to redirect those entering your home. They enter your home because they sense a food source. When they find it they notify everybody else in the colony by leaving a trail for them to follow directly to your kitchen counter. We use a combination of deterrents to turn the ants away from your home.

Our methods are effective for ant control in Clifton. However, we need your cooperation at the outset to deter them from entering your home. So we’ll ask you to keep food, especially the sugars and starches ants crave, in sealed containers. Because they leave an invisible trail for their colony mates to follow into your home, you want to clean the floor and counters frequently to erase that trail. Contact Wipeout Pest Control UK for ant control and any other insect or rodent pest control for your home. If your property is being invaded with destructive wildlife our team is well-trained and equipped to undertake relocation of birds or animals.

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