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Ant Control in EsprickAnt control in Esprick is possible if you call Wipeout Pest Control UK. Most people try to get rid of ants themselves using all manner of homespun concoctions like boric acid, lemon juice, vinegar and more. You may slow them down a bit but not for long. Ants are social and reside in large groups.  There are over 12,000 different species of ants in the world. Fortunately, only three species are common nuisances for homeowners. The common house ant lives on vegetation near your home. They build many homes with multiple queens under wood chips in your garden such as you might have in your flower beds. The most disturbing thing about these ants is the prolific numbers. They don’t carry disease or bite but discovering a black mass in motion on your pastry is off putting. .

Carpenter ants are common household ants but this species is destructive. In Esprick, ant control is needed for carpenter ants because they bore into wood structures to build their nests and foraging routes. It doesn’t take long before all of those ant homes weaken the timber and compromises the structure of your house. Carpenter ants have multiple queens and like most ants live in hoards. If your neighbour has them you better check your own building structure. The third species, the pavement ant, is the one you often see in the cracks of the sidewalk. They like to build their homes under pavement and they leave piles of sand like material on the surface. These ants have a stinger.

For effective ant control in Esprick of all three species you have to eliminate the queens. That means understanding the idiosyncrasies of each species and applying the right combination of treatments so the queens and workers are eradicated or at least move on to safer homes. If you’re having an ant problem in your house or garden or both, contact Wipeout Pest Control UK. We’ve studied the habits of ants and have effective methods to remove them from your home, once and for all. We’ll work up a plan of action and explain the procedure. It may take several treatments but your price will be based on the whole job through to completion.

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