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Ant Control in FleetwoodThere are worse pests than ant control in Fleetwood. That’s only true when it’s not your kitchen through which they are marching single file to the beat of their own silent drummer. They are headed single minded toward the icing on the cinnamon rolls. Ants are such sugar and carb freaks that it’s worth the long walk from their outside nest into your home to load up on cinnamon roll crumbs and haul it back to their outside nest. The quickest way for ants to show up in your home is let a 3 year old eat a popsicle or watermelon inside your kitchen. Wiping up the drips with a damp cloth won’t solve the problem. The sugar is still there. We can get rid of your ant infestation. However, you have to first clean all surfaces with a cleaning solution and seal the sweets, breads and crackers in air tight containers.

Any sugary or starchy spills should be cleaned up immediately but pay attention to grease spots as well. Ants are often attracted to grease and in Fleetwood ant control depends on developing habits as a family that won’t attract the attention of hungry ants. Once the attraction is eliminated our team can come in and place tiny gel like packs in cracks and crevices where ants frequently enter your home. They think its sugar so they carry it back to the nest to share with their ant friends. All the ants drink the Kool-Aid and that’s usually the end of the problem. Occasionally you will get an ant infestation during the winter but usually it’s warm summer weather that brings them out.

We are your experts in household pest control including ant control in Fleetwood. Our team is also trained to remove the threat wild animals pose to residential areas. Our team is highly trained and experienced in pest control and the safe use of pesticides inside and outside homes and businesses. One necessary character trait our technicians possess is tenacity. Sometimes that’s what it takes along with our skill and knowledge to completely eradicate an infestation of household pests. Contact us at the first sign of ants in your home. They tend to grow in numbers quickly so we want to stay ahead of the hoards.

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