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Bed Bug Removal in Broughton

Bed Bug Removal in Preston

Bed Bug Removal in BroughtonIt’s difficult to seek out bed bug removal in Broughton when you can barely bring yourself to say the words or mentally acknowledge such things exist. We believe knowledge cancels out fear or in this case blind hysteria. It’s believed bed bugs are a parasite of bats and shared caves with them from the beginning of time. Then humans moved into the caves and we have been inseparable ever since. Where human civilisation exists you will find bed bugs. Beds are not their only source of comfort. They can be found in carpets, baseboards and other room furnishings. That’s why it’s easy for them to catch a ride to a new location in luggage. One bed bug hitches a ride from your hotel to your home and you have the makings of an infestation.

There is little chance we can totally eradicate the worlds bed bug population but we can eliminate them from your personal space. In Broughton, bed bug removal should be undertaken by knowledgeable exterminators at the first sign. They are difficult to see, so how to know when to panic?  Check your mattress and box springs edges and seams for tiny flat reddish black bugs. If no bugs look closely for reddish stains on bedding. Bed bugs bite so if you wake up to a rash or bites on your skin be suspicious but don’t be embarrassed. You do not have bed bugs because your house is dirty. They live on blood, not dirt. Clutter attracts them because it makes a convenient dark hiding place.

You’ll find a lot of good advice on how to prevent bed bugs but there are no guarantees you won’t need bed bug removal in Broughton some time or other. When and if you do, contact Wipeout Pest Control UK. One reason for the bed bug population explosion is the ban on DDT. DDT is banned worldwide since 2001 as a hazard to wildlife although the effects on humans in inconclusive.  We have safe methods and solutions for dealing with bed bug infestations so call us at the first sign or call us just to check. We know how to find their hiding places. While bed bug eradication now takes more effort and time that it did with DDT, be assured we will succeed.

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