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Ant Control in Blackpool

Pest Control in Blackpool

Ant Control in BlackpoolWhen you face a pest invasion, get ant control in Blackpool from the specialists. At Wipeout Pest Control, we have fifteen years’ experience in the business and can provide a comprehensive range of pest control services. Why risk your family’s or staff’s health when all it takes is a phone call to get rid of pest infestations? Our homes and offices could become a breeding ground for rodents, cockroaches, spiders, termites and ants. These creatures prefer a warm, safe place where they can breed and multiply. Apart from being a nuisance, they’re a health hazard and can spread many diseases. They also give your home or office the impression of being dirty and unhygienic. We’re proud of our reputation for prompt, top-quality, cost-effective services and our customer-centric approach.

For home owners in Blackpool, ant control is part of our suite of services. We provide first-class services to tackle a variety of pests for domestic and commercial clients. Our other services include bird deterrence and wildlife management. Typically, our client requirements include removal of cockroach or bedbug infestations, woodworm treatments and wasp nest removal across the Lancashire region and beyond. Ants are a common problem, typically in the summer months. They’re less active in winter, but can suddenly emerge once the warm weather begins. Black garden ants are the biggest nuisance in the UK. There are also many other varieties that enter buildings, pollute foods, destroy documents and cloth. They are not really dangerous or hazardous, but they can be annoying. If you have children and seniors, ant bites can cause distress and discomfort.

We ensure that the ants’ nests are located and destroyed, and we also use preventive measures for ant control in Blackpool to avoid recurrence of the problem. Apart from using eco-friendly sprays and powders, we can also use different types of bait that ants consume and get eliminated after a few days. All our products are safe for humans and pets. For help with ant control, contact Wipeout Pest Control. We ensure that customers are given the right instructions. If there are ant-infestations in your lawn, we can use pesticide free products.

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