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Pest Control in Fleetwood

Pest Control in FleetwoodIdeally, pest control in Fleetwood begins before you move into your house. You likely had the foundation checked for dampness and the roof checked for wear. You surely made certain the heating and air conditioning works. Why wouldn’t you have a pest inspection before you sign the final contract to purchase? Unless you like surprises, call us at Wipeout Pest Control so we can make sure common access points are closed off and there are no ten story bee or wasps condos attached to your interior attic rafters or in the crawl space. If water is seeping into your basement, destructive insects and rodents can get in as well. If we find a pest infestation, make eradication part of the contract. Once your new home is pest free, it’s up to you to maintain control.

We arrange contracts with individual homeowners and businesses for regularly scheduled inspections and treatments to prevent pests from invading. In Fleetwood, pest control includes preventative measures. What we find curious is homeowners who don’t want the neighbours to see our trucks in their driveway. They’re afraid the neighbours will think if a pest control vehicle is there then there must be pests. Neighbours should be grateful our customers are doing their part to eradicate pests. Where do they think the pests go after discovering the neighbour’s house is no longer hospitable? These same people would not eat at a restaurant, shop at a grocery or send their kids to a school that did not have regular pest control programmes in place.

The truth is a pest infestation can happen quickly and pest control in Fleetwood needs to respond quickly. We are available ten hours a day and on call all week-end. If your neighbours ask why our truck was at your house, tell them you’re sending their pests back to their house. Contact Wipeout Pest Control for a free estimate for a control contract. Our prices are reasonable and it’s unlikely you will ever have to deal with a large pest infestation as long as we are in control. The pest control products we use are effective without causing harm to the environment. Services include nuisance birds and wildlife. If the birds keep building a new nest over your door every time you take it down, we’ll show you how to prevent recurrences.

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