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Hiring a professional team for domestic pest control

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Pests in domestic environments can be a significant problem for both safety and health, which is why hiring a professional team for domestic pest control is so essential. But what can you expect from a professional team? And why should you choose us here at Wipeout UK.

What to expect from professional pest control services

When you choose a professional team like us here at Wipeout UK, you can be sure of a thorough, effective pest control service, and outstanding results. This will include:

An initial inspection and assessment- we will begin by conducting a full inspection of the problem area, and your property. This is crucial for identifying the extent of the infestation, as well as the type of pest present and their entry point. We will be looking for droppings and nests and we will assess the factors that are contributing to the infestation problem. 

Developing a customised treatment plan- using the findings of our inspection we will be able to devise an effective treatment plan that will be fully customised to your property and specific situation. This will detail the methods and products we will use, which will all be tailored for your household, including pets and children. 

Implementing the pest control measures- the next stage will see the implementation of the pest control measures. From chemical treatments to traps, we have the expertise and knowledge to use the correct treatment type for the best possible results in your home. We also use industry grade products and tools to ensure top quality results. 

Follow up visits and monitoring- due to the nature of pest infestation, it is often necessary to carry out multiple treatments to ensure that the problem has been completely resolved. By carrying out follow up visits, we will be able to monitor the effectiveness of initial treatment, and provide additional treatments if necessary. 

Advice on preventive measures- as well as tackling the current infestation, our team of trusted professionals will also offer expert advice for preventing a future issue. This will include tips on sealing entry points and making your home less attractive to pests. This can help you keep pests away in the long term.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional team for domestic pest control?

If you are experiencing an issue with pests in or around your home, it’s essential to hire a professional team that you can trust. Here at Wipeout UK, we can offer:

Expertise and knowledge– our team are trained and certified, and we have a wealth of knowledge regarding all pests and the effective treatment options for different pest types. As such, we can be sure that our treatment methods will secure effective results, in line with regulations and with household safety in mind. 

Safety– speaking of safety, a large proportion of pest control treatments use chemicals, and these can be hazardous if not handled and applied properly. Our team have the knowledge, training, and safety equipment to apply these products without risks, and we are always up to date with the latest regulations and industry standards. This means that we can ensure compliance and safe practice.

Efficiency and effectiveness– another benefit of hiring a professional team for pest control is that this offers the most efficient and effective solution. DIY pest control methods often fall short in terms of effectiveness, and can be time-consuming to implement. But here at Wipeout UK, we use advanced techniques and products that are more powerful and effective, leading to quicker and more reliable results. 

Long term prevention– finally, we pride ourselves on our long term solutions. We take a comprehensive approach, so that we can ensure full pest eradication, and help you to maintain a pest free environment in the long term.

For professional pest control, you can count on us here at Wipeout UK. We are the number one choice for pest control in Preston and we offer a wide range of services. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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