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Pest Control in Clifton

Choosing pest control in Clifton can be limiting if you don’t choose carefully. At Wipeout Pest Control UK we have no limits. If you are bothered by bugs and mice we will put a program in place to get rid of them. But if you have muskrats burrowing along the drainpipes to your retention pond, rats in your attic, and foxes singing love songs to your little white dog, we can handle them too. You might also include birds in your chimney or bombing pedestrians from ledges on your high rise. Who would you call if you find bedbugs on your mattress soon after returning from holiday? Whatever your pest control problem, our highly trained and experienced team at Wipeout Pest Control UK has a solution.

Most of our pest control solutions are a combination of methods. Sometimes in Clifton, pest control will include the use of chemicals. We are thoroughly trained and certified to work safely with chemicals which are highly effective in the initial phase of wiping out many pests. We might combine chemicals with traps or traps with closing access routes. Our solutions always include the use of deterrents. That means cutting off food sources and access which makes your home or building less desirable than the next one. With that comes the education of our customers so the solution remains. People often unwittingly throw out the welcome mat to pests. We will recommend maintenance, food storage and cleaning procedures that will prevent drawing pests to your home in the future.

Pest control in Clifton is sometimes achieved in one or two visits but more often it’s necessary to implement our solutions and then follow up regularly to maintain control. The operative word is control, not complete eradication. What we consider pests are part of this world and always will be but we can control them and send them elsewhere. Food, water and shelter is always the draw so we use that against them by controlling the availability. Contact us for a full-service pest control service that thinks like the pests in order to control them. If your neighbour sees our truck and asks if you have pests, tell them no. Then tell them about our free, no-obligation quotes.

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